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Compassion to your mind, compassion to your life and compassion to your soul.
your resident mental wellness coach.
Hi, I'm Rieko

I started Mindox in the hope to alleviate the mind state of 'suffering' and my work is driven by wanting to make a change to the idea of mental wellbeing and challenge our own perception of ourselves. My approach is compassion all the way, there’s no room for anything else - Your well being and happiness absolutely matters, and I’m here to hopefully and humbly help you cultivate a deeper sense of self.

Mindox sessions are designed to explore your inner-self/knowing (conscience, compassion) and challenge your ego (I), patterns and conditioning. Through understanding your past we will examine how certain life happenings are affecting your current life state. The ultimate goal is to find a clear and compassionate pathway (middle way) that works best for you.

"Embrace all of you, Unlearn what isn't serving you, Learn and practice what serves you - with an abundance of compassion and kindness."


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Learn about your subconscious and conditionings - if you want to break free of your own patterns and let your soul spark, this event is for YOU!

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Why choose Mindox?

Reason 1

Therapy comes in many different ways and forms. Mindox's focus is on creating a pathway that'll make you feel at ease - we'll discuss any difficulties and what you're experiencing and find a way to practice self compassion to overcome hurdles in life.

Reason 2

Let's get to know you - with less time constraints

Usually with therapy, 45~60minute sessions are quite the standard. At Mindox we'd like to be flexible with the length of our sessions depending on the progress. 

Reason 3

Ego, Conditioning and Patterns. Three things we'll dive into through taking a trip back memory lane into your past and understanding your present.

Mindox believes in transforming your perspective by learning radical acceptance.

Featured Resources

Alignment Workbook
Alignment Workbook
Alignment Workbook
Alignment Workbook

Alignment Workbook

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Have you ever felt that your thoughts, words and actions weren't aligned with your values? And as soon as you've said or done something, you immediately feel discomfort in your body?

This workbook is designed to support your alignment and strengthening it by conducting self check-ins. We will evaluate how much of your mind, words and actions individually are aligned with your values and also examine the overall value alignment score to gain a holistic understanding.

It's great to use for a mid-year check-in, but Mindox's suggestion is to do this exercise when you feel a knot in your mind/body to untangle and deep dive into where that knot is residing, and hopefully finding a way forward.

*This workbook is free for those who have completed at least one session at Mindox. 

Please contact if you require a coupon code.

Compassion Exercise (Adjusting to a new norm ver.)

Compassion Exercise (Adjusting to a new norm ver.)

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Navigating through the new norm by focusing on 'how-you-feel'

Step 1: Learn about yourself. Easier said than done, but there are tools such as 16 personalities to get a sense. See how you go with the test, sleep on it, and take what you believe is relevant for you.

Step 2: List emotions that trigger your positivity. It could be happiness, gratitude, joy or appreciation. Positivity is each to their own, so write down the emotions that makes you 'feel' positive.

Step 3: From the emotion list from step 2, brainstorm these two things. One; what are you thinking, or what goes through your mind when you're feeling specific emotions? Two; what is it that you're doing, or action that you're taking when experiencing those emotions?

To give you an example, I am thinking about all the people that I love in my life when I feel a sense of gratitude. I am doing something for others when I feel gratitude.

Step 4: Once you've listed your 'mind' and 'action' it's time to see if you can find any consistencies or similarities on your list. Merge them together, and now you have a 'mind' & 'action' exercise!

Step 5: Put those exercises in your schedule as a reminder to practice your very own certainty. This way, you will be able to live in the light you've created. 

Adjusting to a new norm is accepting that your past norm is no longer present. With that, it is important to address not only the required change in 'actions' but also acknowledge the 'mind conditioning' from the past norms and unlearn things accordingly.

Give above steps a go by utilising the worksheet, with a reminder that you're not alone in this journey.

30Day JIHI Workbook

30Day JIHI Workbook

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JIHI = Compassion :

'Ji' is to offer joy to others, and 'hi' means to alleviate their pain.


Here, you have a downloadable & free 30 Day JIHI Workbook to strengthen your compassion muscle. 

This is how you could utilise it.


Monthly promise to self

- Write down what you'd like to promise yourself. For example, I promise to say something kind to myself every morning.

Kindness given

- List 3 things that you've said or done to others that were kind.

Kindness received

- Identify and list 3 things that you thought were kind based on others' actions towards you.

Courageous act

- Identify and list 3 courageous things you did or say today. It could range from what you did for yourself (ie, I had a kind conversation with myself during a challenging moment - remember compassion is courage!), or did or say to others. 

Things that didn't go well today

- Write the first thing that comes to your mind. 

What advise would you give to a friend?

- Having written what didn't go well today, if your friend came to you for support, what advise would you give to your friend? Those words that you've given to your friend, are words of compassion you can give to yourself in reverse!


Ready for your 30 day challenge? You can download for free and start training your compassion muscle today!




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Just speaking to Rieko, makes me feel better about life.

Female professional from Japan

Changed my perspective completely, I've never cried and yet felt at ease, I feel lighter and hopeful.

Male professional from South Korea

Rieko has made me want to learn about myself better and embrace who I am.

Female professional from China

I don't know how Rieko does it, but it's like she brings out a part of me that I never knew I had.

Male professional from Australia

Ego and Patterns

and how to EMBRACE them

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