30Day JIHI Workbook

30Day JIHI Workbook

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JIHI = Compassion :

'Ji' is to offer joy to others, and 'hi' means to alleviate their pain.


Here, you have a downloadable & free 30 Day JIHI Workbook to strengthen your compassion muscle. 

This is how you could utilise it.


Monthly promise to self

- Write down what you'd like to promise yourself. For example, I promise to say something kind to myself every morning.

Kindness given

- List 3 things that you've said or done to others that were kind.

Kindness received

- Identify and list 3 things that you thought were kind based on others' actions towards you.

Courageous act

- Identify and list 3 courageous things you did or say today. It could range from what you did for yourself (ie, I had a kind conversation with myself during a challenging moment - remember compassion is courage!), or did or say to others. 

Things that didn't go well today

- Write the first thing that comes to your mind. 

What advise would you give to a friend?

- Having written what didn't go well today, if your friend came to you for support, what advise would you give to your friend? Those words that you've given to your friend, are words of compassion you can give to yourself in reverse!


Ready for your 30 day challenge? You can download for free and start training your compassion muscle today!