Compassion Exercise (Adjusting to a new norm ver.)

Compassion Exercise (Adjusting to a new norm ver.)

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Navigating through the new norm by focusing on 'how-you-feel'

Step 1: Learn about yourself. Easier said than done, but there are tools such as 16 personalities to get a sense. See how you go with the test, sleep on it, and take what you believe is relevant for you.

Step 2: List emotions that trigger your positivity. It could be happiness, gratitude, joy or appreciation. Positivity is each to their own, so write down the emotions that makes you 'feel' positive.

Step 3: From the emotion list from step 2, brainstorm these two things. One; what are you thinking, or what goes through your mind when you're feeling specific emotions? Two; what is it that you're doing, or action that you're taking when experiencing those emotions?

To give you an example, I am thinking about all the people that I love in my life when I feel a sense of gratitude. I am doing something for others when I feel gratitude.

Step 4: Once you've listed your 'mind' and 'action' it's time to see if you can find any consistencies or similarities on your list. Merge them together, and now you have a 'mind' & 'action' exercise!

Step 5: Put those exercises in your schedule as a reminder to practice your very own certainty. This way, you will be able to live in the light you've created. 

Adjusting to a new norm is accepting that your past norm is no longer present. With that, it is important to address not only the required change in 'actions' but also acknowledge the 'mind conditioning' from the past norms and unlearn things accordingly.

Give above steps a go by utilising the worksheet, with a reminder that you're not alone in this journey.