Let go or keep resentment? That is the question on deck.

Hurt is something that you can overcome and learn to heal. But when it comes to resentment you either let resentment live or you let go.


"Resentment leads to suffering."


The more we try and hold onto resentment, we’re chocking ourselves further by practicing unkind thoughts.


When we break down resentment, deep down lies tremendous amount of hurt and pain. But the good news is, hurt and pain is something we could heal from.

But when we just focus on the hurt and pain, resentment can sometimes stay with you and linger within. Why? Because resentment is your ego, your self-protectiveness, your self-defence, your scream to justice. And because we don’t want to experience past pain and hurt again, we hold onto resentment even when we feel less overwhelmed by our past trauma.


"Your healing doesn’t always correlate to liberation from resentment."


What do I do then?

Compartmentalising your deep hurt feelings and resentment is one way of learning how to restore peace and alignment within your inner-self. Think of your pain as one thing, and resentment as the other. Remember they may have originated from the same incident, but are not as intertwined as you think.

Step 1 :

Healing from hurt and pain is possible by practicing kind thoughts and having a healthy dialogue within your mind. There are tools and blog posts at Mindox available to start your journey today.

Step 2 :

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