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Welcome - It's great to have you here!

Mindox = Mind + Detox.
Here, we try and find your middle way using emotional therapy and life coaching approach in your life's journey. 

Tell me about you -

Confused about how to work on yourself? Wanting more clarity in your life? Desire to establish your inner-self uncontrolled by conditionings? Wanting to heal?
You're at the right place.

Looking forward to hearing you, and seeing you through.


Hi, I'm Rieko - your resident therapist and life coach. I started Mindox in the hope to heal and encourage kindness for those who seek support.

My method is to provide a safe space for you to explore your inner-self/knowing (conscience, compassion, humanity) and challenge your outer-self (ego, conditioning). By also understanding your past we will examine on how certain life happenings are affecting your current life state. Throughout the sessions, existential and philosophical counselling approach will be applied to find a clear and compassionate pathway (middle way) that would work best for you.


The process

  • Therapist & life coach

    Therapy comes in many different ways and forms. But here, I focus on creating a pathway that'll make you feel at ease - we'll discuss any difficulties and what you're experiencing and find a way to practice self compassion to overcome hurdles in life.

    Please be assured that everything that we discuss in sessions are strictly confidential. 

  • Let's get to know you - with less time constraints

    Usually with therapy, 45~60minute sessions are quite the standard. I'd like to be flexible with the length of our sessions depending on the progress. 

    Please note that our first session will start from 90 minutes.

  • Uncertain? Contact us or book your session!

    You can book through the 'Booking' section or if you're unsure or can't find a suitable time for you, contact us with a brief description of what you're going through, and we'll go from there! 

    *For corporate inquiries please contact directly.


Available sessions

Individual and couples sessions, 18 years and above. If you're struggling with cultural differences in Japan and overseas, facing relationship issues, suffering from past traumas, facing troubles/stress at work and or experiencing life's challenges in general - you're not alone, contact us!

How do I book a session?

Simply click 'Booking' and choose a session. There are no hidden fees aside from the pricing you see when you're booking a session! 

*Please note that we are currently only providing online sessions.

*Insurance subsidies are not applicable for sessions.

*For corporate arrangements or public speaking inquiries please contact directly with details.

Are bilingual (Japanese and English) sessions available?

Yes they are! You can mix and match both English and Japanese, or pick either languages - whatever you're comfortable with. Couples who are facing difficulties establishing deep understanding of one another due to language barriers (JP and EN), we're here to support. 

Mindox Toolkit

Compassion Exercise (Adjusting to a new norm ver.)

Compassion Exercise (Adjusting to a new norm ver.)

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30Day JIHI Workbook

30Day JIHI Workbook

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Alignment Workbook

Alignment Workbook

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