You have suffered, but know that’s your super power


Put both hands up if you’ve suffered before.

And keep your hands up and look up.

Take deep breaths and imagine your suffering turning into your super power.


I think it’s safe to say we’ve all experienced some form of suffering in our lives before. Whether that may have been bullying, abuse, harassment, and the list goes on. And in the midst of all of the sufferings and or a result of that, you may have gotten depressed, faced panic attacks, went through anxiety, was left with PTSD, became insomniac, a list, again, goes on.


It’s hard to see, when the mind tells you a world is a dark place, a way out of that darkness. And often times many of us feel that we’re in a rabbit hole, the more we try the deeper our mind sinks.


If you’re experiencing darkness, please know, that you are, right at this very moment, creating your own unique super power. And super powers, unfortunately, doesn’t come easily.


Please wait, I know it’s tough, but wait before you surrender completely into darkness. Your body is fuelling so that your super powers will be charged and ready.


And when the darkness eventually fades, your super power will be unstoppable. You’ll be the beacon of hope for you and for others. And no one will be take that light away from you.