Disappointments? Might be that you’re missing gratitude

I think it’s safe to say that at one point on our lives we have all said

‘I’m disappointed’ - about something, someone, or ourselves.


And I’m not here to say that is a bad thing, because we all learn a thing or two from experiencing disappointments.


However though, the problem with disappointments is that often times it lingers in our minds and some of us keep thinking about that one thing, one person or that one occurrence that lead to feeling disappointed.


I’m here to welcome you to a challenge. I believe that disappointment can be avoided, or better yet, alleviated if we train our thoughts.


In order to do so, let’s take a step back.


A lot of times, reasons why we feel disappointed is because our needs or expectations weren’t met. Rightfully so, we all want our needs met.


However most of the time, others cannot meet your needs exactly the way you want them to, as they have their own needs to show up for - and their interpretation of your needs maybe different from your actual needs itself.


So how do we face disappointments so that we feel less disappointed?

One word.



  1. When you feel disappointed, verbalise what you’re grateful for.
  2. Appreciate yourself for being able to pull yourself out of disappointment by practicing gratitude.
  3. Repeat.


It takes practice, but the mind works like a muscle, the more you train the easier it will respond.


The happier you are, you’ll feel less disappointed.


Let’s start building upwards with gratitude!