Tell me what you see everyday, and how you see that picture


What we see, and how we perceive what we witness is a direct reflection of your state of life.


If your cup is half empty, it’s most likely that the picture you’re seeing is also a reflection of an half empty glass, or an overfilled cup to compensate for something that maybe missing in your life.


In that moment you may experience a sense of jealousy, a bit of sadness, or perhaps bitterness towards the overfilled glass. Because it represents something you don’t feel you have.


On the other hand, if your own glass is full, whatever you see, you’ll find beauty in them. Or you may feel that you want to give a helping hand to someone because your glass has enough water to go around for those in need.


So next time when you’re going about your day, pause for a moment and ask yourself ‘What am I seeing? And how am I seeing the picture?.’