Mid-year self-alignment check-in

What a year it has been so far!, I'm sure many feel that 2020 was not at all what you've expected it to be. Though whatever the Universe has planned, it's always a good idea to take some time to give yourself a mid-year-self-check-in to see how aligned you have been, how aligned you are now, and how aligned you want your future self to be.


So without further ado, ask yourself with the following:

Mind - Have you been practicing kind thoughts? Have you been practicing compassion? Give yourself a month to month rating in how you think you've performed on the 'mind' front.

Words - Compassionate words vs. Ego-centric words. Rate how much of your inner dialogue and conversation with others, consisted of the two.

Motion - Compassionate motion vs. Ego-centric motion. Which dominated more of your action patterns?


To simplify your check-in process, here's a workbook to help you conduct your own analysis! See how you go with it, and remember to schedule a check-in time with your self not just for mid-year but throughout your life's journey!


*The workbook is complimentary for those who have completed at least 1 session at Mindox. Please contact if you require a coupon code.