Going one step further - empathy isn’t enough


There are many talks about being an empathetic leader. But often I don’t believe that empathy is enough. We need more compassionate leaders - and here’s why.


Empathy means.....

The ability to put yourself in others’ shoes is a great quality to have, but having empathy doesn’t mean one will act upon their calling.

You can be an empathetic leader who listens and extends one’s understanding but without taking any action to make the situation better. It is a band aid solution to alleviate the current but doing nothing to prevent what may come in the future.


So empathy, simply put, isn’t enough.


What we need are compassionate leaders. Because compassionate leaders encompass empathy that’s required to understanding others’ deeper self, at the same time having the will power (courage) to do what’s right to better the situation or to offer a helping hand. Compassionate leaders will put in measures to avoid from similar situations from arising in the future to protect others.


Empathy without action isn’t what makes a leader. One must have compassion, the empathy and the courage to act, is what makes a leader, leader.