Stop Comparing 'Gratitude'

This is a call to stop comparing 'what you're grateful for'.


I've spoken to hundreds of people saying this:

'I am grateful for my job'

'I am grateful for my house'

Followed by

'Because there are so many who are out of work and don't have roofs above their heads.'


Why do we need to feel the urge to compare ourselves with others to feel a sense of gratitude? If we have nothing to compare to, where does your gratitude go? How would you find gratitude then?


Majority is to do with conditioning. Conditioning from our upbringing where we had caregivers and society teaching us how to be grateful. And their way was to compare other children, families, colleagues and surroundings, and find what they felt were 'better-off' and labelled it as 'gratitude.'

Making comparisons may put you in a certain perspective, but a true sense of gratitude is not driven nor born from external factors. It always needs to come from a deep sense of self  - 'Gratitude without comparison.'

Gratitude doesn't also require a special event or a happening. We all have the power to acknowledge 'who we are,' once we master that art, we will all be able to find and feel gratitude even in the smallest things. 


Life is made of small miracles, and what those miracles have in common is YOU. And it's up to you to acknowledge those by embracing who you truly are (including hard things like your past, egos, conditionings), and feel a sense of gratitude within.