Let's all switch gears.

Spirituality is not a divide from your everyday life. Being ‘holistic’ does not mean yoga, crystals and eating clean. It can only be realised and exist in the everyday lives of people with tenacity, agility and courage. Who aren’t afraid to face reality, confront their humanity, and reach out to others.          

Compassion is a practice of imaginative empathy, and it can only be cultivated by being connected to your day to day experiences. Kindness can only be found by being truly kind to others without ego or greed.                                                           

Quiet your ego - ‘but your problems doesn’t seem as important as mine’, ‘but I’m going through this hard time so I deserve compassion from you,’ and reach out. Listen without thinking how you’re going to respond or activating your inner judgement and imposing self-importance. Remember compassion is not something you lose, it’s a muscle so it’ll stay with you as long as you don’t abandon it. If someone reacts to your kindness negatively, step away, breathe, and tell yourself ‘it’s not them, but rather their ego that’s making them react this way.’ Break through your own lenses of how you see others, witness beyond the surface and speak to the light within them and yourself.                                                                            

How you live your life will leave a mark in the universe. And the universe has a way of balancing everything out both the good and the bad, when the timing is right. Living free of fear, the true sense of freedom, only comes from living in the light within, believing in the light of yourself and others, and always striving to see what’s beyond the surface and breaking free from your limitations of humanity within our day to day lives. I know we’re all trying, but we can always switch gears and shift our vision, and starting now is always the best time.