Compassion isn't an absence of courage.

Many misunderstand compassion as an act or a trait of 'weakness.' But compassion is quite the opposite of weakness, it's constructed with ample courage.


I repeat.


Compassion is constructed with ample courage.


There is a word in Japanese called 'AMAE (甘え)' - the word incorporates both being spoilt and dependent. Compassion has no room for 'AMAE,' as it is vital that you are your own independent person. And someone who is capable of facing their own fear and ego. 

Confronting one's own fear and ego requires a lot of courage, you have to be willing to go to unfamiliar territories without having life jackets or any armours to find your inner-self - that's courage.

Courage and compassion cannot exist without one another. Compassion is the heart, and courage is heartbeat. 


Compassion is constructed with ample courage.