2 Keywords to keep in mind during this trying times.

I have spent the last few weeks questioning how the world is now, and what we ultimately need within our core self. And I came down to 2 key words I decided to highlight during this challenging times of facing COVID-19.


Have courage. Courage is kindness. Courage is compassion. Courage is your ability reflect on yourself and to break through your walls. Courage is being able to listen to others’ hearts and not just their words. “Courage is happiness.”


Practice gratitude. Gratitude enables you to reach out more. Gratitude enables you to give to others (remember giving and receiving are ultimately the same). Gratitude is caring. “Gratitude is a joyful state.”


These above goes to all people, and remember you can always pay gratitude forward by helping others in need. The elderly, refugees, or others who maybe struggling from various socio-economic/family/community reasons. You can always do more than just staying home - think of how you can lift others up and serve for a bigger purpose, I promise that will lift your spirits up more than you know.


There’s no time like now where we can all learn the power of humanity and our collective inner strengths. As we welcome a brand new week, it is a perfect opportunity to have courage and practice gratitude for yourself and others. It’s a difficult time for all, but there’s no time to compare struggles, we must see the light in front of us and always choose hope.